Linksys E900 N300 WiFi Router Review

Keeping in mind what the majority of people are still purchasing these days, we’re testing a few common N300 and N600 class routers to help us fill out the Charts, Finders, and Rankers a little more. Taking a brief look at the E900, Linksys’ current entry-level N router, I’m hoping to learn a few things.

The Linksys E1200 is a model of this character that we’ve seen previously. In order to do so, this evaluation will be primarily concerned with the performance test findings. It will also cover the E1200 v2, which, as you’ll see shortly, is nearly identical to the E900 in terms of hardware.

According to eDigitalReviews, the Linksys E900 utilizes the same raw board as the Linksys E800 router as well. We’ll go back to it when I’ve had a look at the insides.

With the same design style as the rest of Linksys’ E series routers, the E900 is meant to lie flat on a desk or shelf and does not include mounting holes on the bottom for attaching to a wall or other surface. Each of the four switched LAN ports seen in the photo below is a 10/100 Mbps connection, and there is no USB connector for disk or printer sharing on this device. The top of the router is clean and does not have any indicators that would illuminate your bedroom at nighttime. The callouts for the ports, indicators, and buttons are depicted in the following diagram.


As previously stated, the E900 is essentially the same machine as the E1200 v2. I had forgotten about it till I read Inside Story: Cisco Linksys EA Series, which reminded me of it. (The same board is also used in the N150 class E800 model, which is available from Target.) According to the Inside Story, the hardware for the E900 and E1200 is the same as for the E900. However, the E1200 allows for guest access as well as Parental Controls, whilst the E900 does not. The E900 is also a dark grey color, whereas the E1200v2 is a dark black color.

The board shot below illustrates the straightforward design, which is centered on the Broadcom BCM5357 Intensi-fi XLR 802.11n Router Solution SoC. This device was also utilized in the E1200 and the E1500 models and the original E1200. It is also found in the NETGEAR WN3000RP and Linksys RE1000 wireless range extenders, among other devices,

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