How to find the hardware and firmware version of my TP-Link device?

Here’s how to find the hardware version of a TP-Link device.

When you turn the device over, you will notice a label on the back of the device, and in the Serial Number field, you will see the character string “Ver: X.Y” (for example, Ver:1.0), where the number X represents the hardware version number of the device. If the string contains the characters “Ver: 1.1,” this often indicates that the hardware version is V1.

Some TPLink access points are available in many hardware configurations. Almost every version has a unique stock firmware, as well as a unique Tanaza firmware, which is:

  • Change the access point’s configuration.
  • Take a look at the label.
  • The character string “Ver: X.Y” should be found in the serial number field (for example Ver:2.0) both distinct from one another.

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