D-Link DWR-910 4G LTE USB Router Review

The 4G LTE USB Router allows you to share your high-speed mobile connection over Wi-Fi from a device that is tiny enough to carry around in a pocket. A single mobile data connection may be used to establish a wireless hotspot that can be shared by a variety of wireless devices such as a notebook, smartphone, tablet, and other wireless devices. It enables a high-speed Wireless N Internet connection for everyone, regardless of whether they are traveling with colleagues on a work trip or with friends and family on a vacation.

The DWR-910 4G LTE USB Router provides you with quick access to the Internet no matter where you are and allows you to share it with others while on the road. It is possible to obtain download speeds of up to 150 megabits per second and upload rates of up to 50 megabits per second with the strong new 4G LTE technology. Due to the two internal LTE antennae, you’ll get a blisteringly fast Internet connection that’s also more stable and provides you with better download rates. You can connect to and share the Internet at rates that are fast enough to allow you to perform demanding tasks that were previously impossible while using a mobile connection, such as streaming high-definition video to several devices at the same time.

The DWR-910 is really plug-and-play, with drivers pre-installed in the router, allowing you to connect immediately without the need to download or install anything. By just opening a web browser and connecting the router, you may configure your network entirely from a web-based interface. Notebooks and netbooks that do not have a CD-ROM drive can connect to the network and be up and running in minutes. You may even connect the DWR-910 to any powered USB port on your computer and use it to give wireless access to your mobile devices without the need for a computer.


Product Description4G LTE USB Router
InterfacesSIM slot (6-pin)/microSD card slot (up to 32 GB)/USB 2.0
AntennaInternal LTE main antenna Internal LTE diversity antenna Internal Wi-Fi antenna
Output PowerUSB 2.0
Dimensions113 mm x 37 mm x 11.5 mm
Weight40.5 grams

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