D-Link DIR-867 Review

D-Link is a brand that many people are familiar with. They are credited with being one of the first makers of home networking equipment. The DIR-867 wireless router was just introduced by the company. It is reasonably priced and has the most up-to-date technical characteristics.

D-Link D-DIR-867 Link’s series of routers is a new addition to their product line. It shares a design language with the DIR-878 and DIR-885, among other things. D-Link must have realized that the majority of people are not purchasing routers without extra antennae because the DIR-867 comes equipped with four external antennas. The matte black style is a significant change from D-trademark Link’s glossy look, which was first introduced with the DIR-895L.

D-Link DIR-867 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router is the best router to buy if you want fast, dependable Wi Fi for online gaming and 4K HD streaming at a cheap price. It is the best router to buy if you want fast, reliable Wi Fi for online gaming and 4K HD streaming at an affordable price. It has the ability to function as a gigabit router, providing high bandwidth and dependable rates to numerous devices without breaking a sweat.


A router’s inclusion of Gigabit Ethernet ports does not imply that it is capable of supporting a 1000Mbps Internet connection. To find out how fast this router can go from one network to the next, we ran it through two tests: one from one network to another and one from one network to another using a real Gigabit Internet connection.

We discovered that this router had no problems transmitting data at speeds of up to 900Mbps over my Gigabit Internet connection. It is possible to deploy TIME 1000Mbps and Unifi 800Mbps plans over wired Ethernet using the D-Link DIR-867 router.

When it comes to wireless performance, the DIR-867 is very impressive. When tested over a short distance, the DIR-867 achieves actual peak speeds of 500Mbps on a speedtest.net test and reaches 550Mbps on my simulated test, respectively.

It’s hardly unexpected, considering that even a very basic router can accomplish this. On the long-distance test, the DIR-867 is still able to deliver 450Mbps on speedtest.net and 473Mbps on my simulated test, respectively. This kind of performance can only be achieved by using extremely high-end routers with excellent circuitry.

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While the DIR-867’s 2.4GHz performance is quite strong in my highly congested test environment, its 5GHz performance is even better. On both the short and long-distance tests, I’m getting more than 100Mbps download speed.

I would say that the DIR-867 is equipped with really strong wireless capabilities. Even at a greater distance from the router, the router is capable of delivering enough speed. Aside from that, the wireless coverage is remarkable as well.

All of these tests were performed on my laptop, which is equipped with an AC1200 wireless adapter, resulting in a maximum actual wireless speed of around 500Mbps. The router is equipped with a smart connect function, which is meant to automatically balance devices between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands when connected. During the benchmark, that functionality was utilized.


Product DescriptionAC1750 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Gigabit Router
Wireless Speed1750Mbps (2.4G + 5G)
Antenna TypeExternal Fixed Antenna (3×3+3×3)
LAN4 (10/100/1000)
USB 2.0/3.0N/A
Static IPYes
Dynamic IP (DHCP)Yes
Static IPv6Yes
PPPoE (IPv6 over PPPoE)Yes
WPS (Wi-Fi Protect Setup)Yes (PIN/Button)
WPA-PSK (Personal)Yes
WPA2-PSK (Personal)Yes
Guest ZoneYes
Wi-Fi MeshN/A
D-Link Wi-FiYes
D-Link QRS MobileN/A
mydlink Lite (iOS/Android)N/A


The D-Link DIR-867 is a mid-range router that is meant to outperform even certain high-end routers in terms of performance. As at this time, a mid-range router may provide remarkable performance when used with our standard equipment. During my testing, I discovered that the DIR-867 had a really strong Wi-Fi connection with excellent range and speed.

The CPU that comes with this router is capable of supporting an Internet connection up to 1000Mbps through wired LAN, which means it can be used with both Unifi 800Mbps and TIME 1000Mbps networks simultaneously.

As nice as it is, it is still far from a premium router, which would have additional capabilities like antivirus and comprehensive QoS management. Nonetheless, if all you want is decent WiFi coverage and a consistent internet connection, the DIR-867 is a fantastic choice. Without all of the bells and whistles, it is all about pragmatism and efficiency.

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