D-Link DIR-2660 Review

The D-Link DIR Ac2600 delivers a quicker total wireless speed as well as a greater range than previous models. It offers a wide range of features, such as McAfee security, at a reasonable price point. On the market nowadays, we can discover a large number of router products that offer just the most basic of functions. When compared to the majority of items.

Further distinguishing characteristic of the AC2600 is its powerful and quick Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers a wifi speed of 802.11 ac Wave2 with MU-MIMO technology and a battery life of up to 10 hours. The most noteworthy feature is the McAfee protection that is provided at the router level, which provides greater security and anti-virus protection for your home network than other options.

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It is vital to note that the D-Link does not include ADSL or VSDL modem options. As a result, if you have broadband via ADSL and intend to replace your ISP router, this device may not be the best option for you. You can, however, connect this device to your current network and utilize the modem that is already installed. Alternatively, using an ADSL router is a more convenient alternative for most people.

This post will discuss the D-Link AC2600 router and its networking capabilities, which will be the subject of today’s evaluation. We will also go through the design and construction of the hardware and the installation method for the D-Link Ac2600 router.


Product DescriptionEXO AC2600 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router
Multicast SupportYes
Wireless Speed2600Mbps (2.4G + 5G)
Antenna TypeExternal Fixed Antenna (4×4+4×4)
Wi-Fi MeshYes
D-Link Wi-FiYes
McAfee protectionYes
Voice Control Support (Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant)Yes
LAN4 (10/100/1000)
USB 2.0/3.0USB 3.0 + USB 2.0
Static IPYes
Dynamic IP (DHCP)Yes
Static IPv6Yes
PPPoE (IPv6 over PPPoE)Yes
WPS (Wi-Fi Protect Setup)Yes (PBC only)
WPA-PSK (Personal)N/A
WPA2-PSK (Personal)Yes
Guest ZoneYes
USB Sharing (FTP)Yes
USB Sharing (SAMBA)Yes
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